Papagaia's Journey of Discovery

In the Summer of 1992, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting the island of Madeira.

As I stepped from the plane onto the land of the birthplace of my parents and

generations of my Portuguese ancestors, I was over taken by a strong

feeling of "belonging." That feeling will remain with me the rest of my days.

As we walked the streets of downtown Funchal; visited the archives;

rode the toboggan down the steep hills of the Monte

and shopped in the open air marketplace, I found myself searching

for two familiar faces in the "sea" of smiling faces that surrounded us.

Faces that I held so dear to my heart, the faces of my parents, if only

I could have shared this priceless experience with them while they were still alive.

It is to these two loving parents, that I dedicate...

"My Journey of Discovery"

Joao Evangelista da Silva Se' and Maria Madelina da Silva Se'

Patricia Julia Silva Corbera
aka ~ Papagaia ~

My name is Papagaia

I will be your tour guide for the duration of this journey.

My main objective in creating this WebPage

is to share my research findings with those embarking

on a similiar Journey of Discovery

of their Madeira ancestry.

Our Portuguese heritage is a colorful one,

sadly not absent of a dark side

that so often finds its way into the history of many countries.

As we continue on this journey,

our lives will be enriched by the

discovery of the events that affected

the everyday lives of those we call " familia."

Our journey is about to begin...

As we prepare to set sail...

close your eyes, allow your imagination

to feel the kiss of the sea spray on your face...

the gentle breeze fingering your hair...

listen to the sounds of the sea

as it embraces the ship...


The Island Of Madeira

Visitors from all over the world have "dubbed" Madeira the "Island of Eternal Springtime,"

the "Pearl of the Atlantic" and yes, some even refer to this island of natural beauty and charm as "Lovers' Isle."

The islands were colonized in 1420 by Portuguese squires sponsored by Prince Henry the Navigator.

The inhabited islands of Madeira and Porto Santo and the uninhabited Desertas and Selvagens,

located 400 miles west of Morocco, make up the Madeira Autonomous Region of Portugal.

This volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, is mountainous with a subtropical climate,

famous for its wine, embroidery, wickerwork, as well as being a popular resort.

Madeira offers a lively history enhanced by romantic legends about its discovery,

controversy regarding its period of colonization and its "British connection."

I trust in the fact that you will agree with the worldwide visitors to Madeira

and come away with your own "epithet," one that can be added to those noted above...


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Fact Or Legend

Are We Related?

Are We Related?

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1552 Marriage Record
Lancarote Agrella & Ana Morate

Portuguese & English Translation
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Resource Guide for Researching in Madeira
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DNA Project of Madeira
The Madeiran archipelago was not only colonized by the Portuguese,
but also became home to a variety of nationalities
including English, Spanish, Flemish, Jews, Moors, Africans, and “gaunches” from the Canaries.

Foods and Civilization
Professor Eduardo Mayone Dias


I recently received a very interesting email from James S. Millett PhD of which I have been given permission by Dr. Millett to post on this website...

From: "Jim Mellett" To: emdias@aol.com, patriciacorbera@comcast.net Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 3:51:10 PM Subject: Columbus Prof. Dias and Ms. Corbera- I enjoyed reading your article "Food and History" but I would like to add a comment on your remark "...it was as a buyer for sugar that Columbus first made contact with Madeira and the Portuguese." I would have to disagree, and ask that you open the link below to understand why.

Columbus Day? Cristóvão Colón, a Portuguese Sephardic Jew, discovered America


The Andrade Family of Madeira

D. Afonso Henriques - 1st King of Portugal


The Order of Christ
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"I Do Not Adore Sticks or Stones, Only The God Of Israel..."
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Portuguese-Jewish History
Rufina Bernadetti Silva Mausenbaum


The Abbey of Alcobaca
Real Abadia de Santa Maria de Alcobaca at Alcobaca, Leiria..
Photography by Patricia J Silva Corbera


La Casita Corbera

Scotland ~ Madeira
The Drummonds ~ Escocios


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